Shahed-136 can mine bitcoin

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Ukrainian specialists discovered powerful processor control systems in Iranian kamikaze drones.  Blogger and military serviceman Serhii Flesh published footage of the boards on Facebook.

The downed drones contain such powerful flight control processors that they have been compared to blade systems — thin, modular electronic boards containing multiple microprocessors and built-in memory.  Its main advantage is compactness, because all components are placed on the smallest possible area without compromising performance.

A user with the nickname Alexander Psih suggested that the Russians had found an unusual use for a ready-made development kit (devkit) or stolen project. They probably had a platform and software, but not enough resources and skills for full development, so the components were adapted and stuffed into drones in the form of a blade system. Ilya Reznik believes that the problem is crookedly written software that requires a lot of processor power.

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